What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect
Hiring a new babysitter can be a process that leads to an increase in your level of anxiety. You want to find the best babysitter that will care for your children in your absence. Here are some things that you should expect from each stage of the hiring process, from the initial posting of your job to managing the babysitter you hired.

Posting a Job
When you post a job on SittersOnly.com, you can potentially get hundreds of messages from prospective babysitters. To limit the amount of responses from babysitters that do not meet your requirements, make sure that your job posting is specific. List the exact days of the week and time that you will need a babysitter’s services. Also, list any specific additional duties or childcare responsibilities that the job will entail, such as household chores or infant care.

After you have a few favorite nannies or babysitters in mind, schedule an in-person interview with them. This personal meeting will help you become more familiar with each candidate. Talk with the potential babysitter informally for a few minutes to get a better sense of her background and personality.

Prepare a list of questions before she gets there so you can ensure you get answers to all of the questions that you have. You will likely discover that you “click” better with one of the babysitters than with the other candidates.

Meeting the Children
If possible, let the potential candidate meet your children during the interview process or during another time when she is not actually babysitting. The ideal babysitter will greet your children in a warm manner and develop a friendly rapport with them immediately.

The First Babysitting Experience
Ask your new babysitter to arrive about 30 minutes before you need to leave. Show her around the house, provide emergency contact information and walk her through any other expectations. Set some ground rules, such as not allowing extra guests or not giving the children certain foods. Let the children interact with her for a few minutes before you leave. This is especially important with younger children.

Continuing the Relationship
You will start to develop a friendlier relationship with your babysitter the more often she cares for your children. Although this is good, be sure that you also keep the relationship professional by discussing any concerns that you have, promptly notifying her of changes in arrangements and paying her on schedule.