Tips and Tools for Parents

Tips and Tools for Parents

Here at, we strive to provide you with the most up to date information to help you find a qualified babysitter, nanny or adult care provider that will care for your children and provide you with peace of mind. Use these tips and tools to facilitate your search and professional relationship.

How to Keep a Great Babysitter
Once you find a great babysitter, you will want to keep her. However, a good babysitter is a hot commodity and she may be lured to another family if you do not protect your relationship with her.

Follow these steps to ensure that you keep a great babysitter.

Consider Her Schedule
When you hire a babysitter, one of the first questions that you will ask is what her schedule is like. If she is enrolled in the university or has other activities that fill her schedule, respect her schedule and try not to ask her to cancel other plans in order babysitters for you.

Be Courteous
A babysitter’s income can often fluctuate. Let her know as soon as possible if you will not need her services or if you are running late.

Consider Pay Increases
If a babysitter has cared for your children for a significant period of time, consider increasing her pay occasionally. Keeping her pay equal to the changes in the cost of living can ensure that you offer her competitive rates.

Provide Assistance
Make her job easier by providing financial and emotional assistance. Keep some extra money available for entertainment or food expenses if she will be watching the children for prolonged periods of time. If there is a conflict, be sure to maintain a united front while in the presence of your children.

How to Check References
Once you have more information regarding your potential babysitter, checking the candidate’s references can help you find about the types of services that the babysitter offered to other clients. Follow these steps to get the best information about your potential babysitter.

Introduce Yourself
When you call your babysitter’s references, be sure that you begin with a friendly greeting and introduce yourself. Have a little small talk with the person to develop a strong rapport before you ask the important questions.

Ask the Right Questions
Ask these questions to get the information you need:
• How often did she babysit for you?
• How long have you known her?
• How did she interact with your kids?
• Would you hire her again?
• Did you have any negative experiences with her?
• Did you have any disciplinary problems with your children after she babysat?
• Was she punctual?
• Is she trustworthy?
• Would she leave the house clean after her visit?
• Did she follow all instructions?