Red Flags

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Sitter

At, we strive to connect parents with qualified and experienced babysitters. These babysitters are expected to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your children. We offer a variety of safety features, including background checks, user reviews and complete access to babysitter profiles. However, you may also want to check for the following red flags when hiring a prospective sitter.

Lack of Experience
Although many babysitters are young and may not have childcare experience for a prolonged period of time, a complete lack of experience in watching children from other families or younger siblings is not a good sign. The babysitter may be too inexperienced to properly care for your children.

No Access to a Background Check
If you cannot access the babysitter’s background check, she may be trying to hide something negative about her history.

A Negative Notation on a Background Check
Although some items that may appear on a background check may not be related to a person’s ability to properly care for your children, you may want to be sure that you have a clear understanding of any negative notations on a background check so that you can make an informed decision regarding hiring a potential babysitter. Also, be cautious about hiring a babysitter with a bad driving record if she will be responsible for transporting your children.

Lack of References
If a babysitter lists previous experience but does not provide references, you should be very hesitant about hiring this person. This may indicate that prior experiences were negative for the client.

Overqualified for the Job
If your potential babysitter has a good education and professional background, you may want to be hesitant about hiring the person. Although she may have shifted her career goals to care for her own family or wants a break from the professional world, being overqualified for the job may indicate that she is not able to get a more professional job for some reason.

Lack of Contact Information
Be hesitant about someone who does not provide a valid phone number or her current address.

Many Short-Term Jobs
A potential babysitter that has numerous short-term jobs may be someone who is unwilling to commit to a stable job or may be unreliable.
Shows Up Late for the Interview
If your potential babysitter show