Reasons to Start a Child Care Business

Your reasons for starting a child care business affect the type of child care business you choose.

Personal considerations

  • You have a passion for helping young children and their parents.

  • You enjoy the independence and responsibility of being your own boss.

  • You have the time, knowledge, skills and motivation to make a small business succeed.

  • You have the time to learn the skills you need or you are willing to hire people to provide the skills you lack.

  • You are comfortable with the financial risk involved until your business gets established.

Family considerations

  • The income from a child care business can help support your family.

  • You can save on your own child care costs.

  • You can be home with and care for your own children.

 Help for parents

  • You can help parents support their families by making more child care available.

  • Parents need to know that their children are in a safe, healthy and learning environment. A quality child care program offers peace of mind to parents so they can focus on their work.

  • If your child care program offers flexible hours, you can support parents who have nontraditional work schedules.

  • If your child care program cares for mildly ill children or children with chronic health issues, parents can know their child is in good care while they are at work.

 Community need

  • You help local businesses by supporting workers who need child care.

  • Your small business supports the local economy by making purchases, buying services, paying taxes and paying salaries.

  • Your community may be lacking certain types of child care, such as care for infants and toddlers, school-age children, mildly ill children, or children with special needs.