Nanny Fulltime Jobs

Nanny Fulltime Jobs

Many families are looking for a babysitter that can work full-time hours. The benefit of this type of position is the increased earnings and the stability of the position. Although your hourly rate may be less than if you had a part-time babysitter job, the predictability that a full-time babysitter job offers is typically a tremendous asset.

Part-time Jobs

Part-time babysitter jobs are ideal for people who have the university or other factors that occupy their time. You can list the days and hours that you are available so that you only receive offers from families that can work around your schedule.

Summer Jobs

Many families need a babysitter that is available for just the summer. The kids may go to school or a different childcare provider during the school year, but the parents may need to work during the summer and may require additional assistance. You may be in university or only available during the summer, so this type of babysitter job may be perfect for you. List your summer availability clearly on your profile if this is the type of babysitter job you are looking for.

On Call Jobs

At, you have the option of being available on demand. While this can be difficult if you have another job, if you are in school or if you set times for other obligations, it can be a great source of additional income. Parents who have lost their babysitter at the last minute or suddenly realize that they need a babysitter can contact on demand babysitters to provide immediate care. Being on demand provides you with some additional economic security and because you will be called last minute, you are sure to get paid and not have to worry about a parent cancelling.

Tips for Finding Jobs

  • List your availability on your profile

  • Look for recent job postings every few days

  • Have an extended profile to provide more information to parents

  • Have a flexible schedule if possible

  • List all of the experience have and duties that you can complete

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