How to Hire the Right Sitter

How to Hire the Right Sitter offers you the selection of many qualified babysitters. Finding the right babysitter for your precious ones is an important factor to using this site successfully. Follow these steps to find a babysitter that is perfect for your children.

Step 1: Make a Choice

At, you have two main ways to find a babysitter: search through existing member profiles or post your own job. Both methods provide their own distinct set of advantages.

Profiles features profiles for thousands of babysitters across All States. On our site, you can find babysitter profiles that list various characteristics that may be appealing to you. Some features you may want to look for include:

• CPR Training
• Childcare experience
• Education or health educational background
• Open availability
• Available references
• Alcohol-free
• Non-smoker
• Parallel hobbies
• Other language
• Willingness to complete other duties upon request

Post a Job

Posting your own job on allows you the maximum control over filling your babysitter position. By posting your own job, you can list the attributes that are important to you and then wait for the responses to roll in.

Step 2: Check on the Babysitters

After you find a few potential candidates, check out the backgrounds on these potential caretakers. Be sure that you have a membership package so that you will have full access to the sitter profiles. Also, run a background check on the potential babysitter.

Read the reviews that other users have left for the babysitters.

Step 3: Schedule an Interview

Use the messaging tools available on to schedule an interview with your remaining candidates. Meet with each potential babysitter. Nothing can replace the in-person ability to feel out the personality and character of another. Before the babysitter arrives, prepare a list of questions to ask her. Ask her for references from previous families that she has sat for in the past.

Step 4: Follow Up

Call each babysitter’s references. You may want to consider hiring two or more babysitters in case one is not available when you may need her in the future. Introduce the potential babysitter to your kids to see how she behaves around them. Schedule a short babysitting job with the babysitter to ensure that she will be punctual, professional and trustworthy. After she leaves, ask your children how they liked the babysitter and what types of activities she completed with them. Award the job to the babysitter that does the best job.