Find Babysitters & Nannies

Find Babysitters & Nannies

Here at, you can find many qualified  babysitters and nannies. To help you find the best babysitter or nanny, here is some general information to get you started and the various methods that are available on our site to assist you with your search.

Although they perform similar functions, babysitters and nannies often mean different things. A babysitter tends to be someone who provides childcare during a few daytime or evening hours. She may work sporadically as the client’s needs demand. A nanny tends to be someone who works a set schedule each week. Her work may include overnight care and she may live in the family home.

Using the Search Features
At, you can search for the ideal babysitter or nanny in a variety of ways. Type in your  zip code to find qualified babysitters and experienced nannies in your area. A paid membership provides you with a refined search feature. This feature allows you to find babysitters and nannies from a variety of parameters. This ensures that you will be able to find experienced childcare providers based on requirements that matter to you.

Reading Profiles
Babysitter and nanny profiles provide vital information. Demographic information is located on the profile. You can also view the experience that babysitters and nannies have. Some childcare providers also have a relevant educational background in learning the proper techniques to use in caring for children. You can also view whether each babysitter or nanny is smoke and alcohol-free. You can view the availability of each prospective babysitter and nanny. Then you can send a message to qualified babysitters and nannies to meet them in person.

Posting a Job
Posting your own job allows you to take the lead role in finding an experienced babysitter or nanny. You can find hundreds of potential babysitters or nannies within a couple of days of posting your job. Here are some tips to help you find numerous babysitters and nannies that are qualified for the job while weeding out those that do not meet your criteria:

• List the preferred schedule for your babysitter or nanny
• List specific information about your children, such as his ADHD or his shy nature
• Display the rate you plan to pay
• List specific duties that you want the childcare provider to complete
• Be specific. List certain details that can help reel in the perfect candidate for the job.