Safety Tips When Going to a Babysitting Interview

Safety Tips When Going to a Babysitting Interview

The majority of people who advertise for a babysitter are honest and genuine people. But it always pays to keep safety in mind. At the end of the day, you are likely to be attending an interview with a complete stranger in their own home.

So no matter how excited you are about getting a potential babysitting job, do keep these safety tips in mind.

Ask if it is Possible to Hold the Interview in a Neutral Place

It is far safer and less daunting to attend a meeting in a neutral public place, such as a coffee shop. So do ask the employer if this is possible.

Try to Arrange the Interview for Daylight Hours

If you are unable to arrange an interview in a neutral place, ask if it is possible to attend during daylight hours. Going to an interview in an unfamiliar area of town is far easier and safer when you can see where you are going.

Ask for a Home Telephone Number When You Take the Address Details

If the interview is to be held at the interviewer’s home anyway, ask for their home telephone number when you take the address details. That way, you can call the number prior to the interview to confirm your appointment. This helps to verify that the potential employer does live at the address you are attending and that they will be there.

Ask if Someone May Wait For You/Attend With You

Do ask the interviewer if a parent, or friend can attend with you or wait. If you are still at school, most genuine interviewers won’t mind at all. But do bear in mind that they may also be concerned about safety, so they may suggest that your companion waits outside.

Ask if the Children Will Be At the Interview So You Can Meet Them

Knowing that the children will be at the interview adds an element of safety. Plus you get to meet them and see exactly who you will be looking after before you take the job.

Tell Someone Where You Are Going

Before you attend a babysitting interview it is important that you tell parents or friends exactly where you are going and give them the address and telephone number.

Tell the Interviewer That Someone is Waiting Outside for You

Letting the interviewer know that you are not alone will automatically make you feel safer, even if you are alone. So when you arrive at the interview, make a point of telling the interviewer that someone accompanied you to the interview and they are waiting for you to leave.

If In Doubt ” Leave at Once

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe once you arrive at the interview, make your excuses and leave right away.