Parents find baby sitters on

Parents find baby sitters on sitter

Are you having trouble finding baby sitters? Is the drop in childcare services in your area beneath your standards? Do you wish that you had a way to find a reputable babysitter that you can trust? was created to fulfill these needs. We believe that parents should have access to many qualified babysitters whom parents will trust. Every parent needs an occasional break, a date night or a chance to catch up on studies or work commitments. Let us provide you with the services to find a babysitter to fit your needs.

Services is your premiere site for finding qualified babysitters, nannies and child care providers through out  this site, you will have access to lots of qualified babysitters in the area. You can search the variety of babysitters that are listed on our site, or you can type in your zop code to find  qualified baby sitters in your area.


Using the services available here at provides you with many substantial benefits. Without using our services, you will not have unlimited access to the lots of qualified individuals that our service provides. You will have to advertise a job posting, pay for advertisements of the position and interview numerous strangers. Our service gives you immediate access to lots of profiles that you can search through to find sitters that match your needs. Each babysitter lists her availability with her profile, so you don’t have to find a babysitter you like and then later find out that she cannot fulfill your childcare needs. Once you find a babysitter that you are interested in, you can set up an interview online or in your home. You will also be able to check her credentials and see other users’ reviews.


Numerous babysitters are available to assist you with your childcare needs. On our site you can find:

Date night baby sitters
After care sitters
Routine baby sitters
Weekend night babysitters
Full time babysitters
Part time babysitters
Childcare facilities
Childcare camps
Last minute babysitters
Finding the Right Sitter

Our easy to use site lets you focus in on the criteria that matter to you. Along with the babysitter’s availability and pay rate, you can look for valuable information on the sitters’ profiles. Some sitters have valuable CPR training or experience with special needs children. Some sitters are willing to drive your children to an entertainment location. Other sitters have a background in education or child development. The perfect sitter is on our site and waiting for you to contact her.